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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to guide importers through the lengthy rules and regulations of Canada Customs. As a licensed & bonded Canada Customs Broker we are permitted to help importers clear goods through customs. Canada Border Services Agency grants this license to a qualified Customs Broker. With our network of offices and affiliates across Canada, we can clear your shipment at any border crossings from coast to coast.

Whether your goods are from the U.S, Mexico, or overseas, you can be sure your goods will be cleared through customs efficiently. Truck, air, ocean or courier, we have the ability to clear all type of shipments.

One box, one skid, or a full truck; we can clear your goods through customs through our edi capability directly connected to Canada Customs. With our direct software and no 3rd party assistance, you can be sure the cost savings will be passed on to you with our very competitive clearance rates.