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Canada Post

We can help with the customs clearance of high value (above 2500.00) Canada Post shipments.

Canada Post clearances are usually done when you receive a letter from Customs stating: Canada Border Services Agency, Customs Mail Centre, is currently in possession of a mail item addressed to you containing the following….. The value for duty of these goods has been declared by the exporter to be $2500 Canadian or great. In order to obtain release of these goods, please submit either your Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD) package, your Electronic RMD transaction or your fully completed accounting package with payment to your nearest Customs office.

Whether it be a personal or commercial Canada Post shipment, we, as a Customs Broker, are licensed to assist in the customs clearance.
What we would need from you:

We require a copy of the Canada Post letter, an invoice showing the description of the goods and value, as well as our one page form completed by you (will be emailed to you along with our clearance quote).

Once we receive the documents requested, we will submit your entry for release to Canada customs. Once released, Canada Post will deliver your shipment to you.